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Yo! My first Skateboard in like Ten Years

Yo. I just went to Endless Grind with my friends Jeff and Nathan. I bought my first skateboard in like ten years. Its a Black Label deck with some awesome art by Chet Childress who is from the NC. Represent. … Continue reading

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Dick Fart by Ms. Seafood Video

This is the rough cut of the Dick Fart video by Ms. Seafood

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i’m an idiot…and i barfed on myself

So today was not the best day. I get bad news so what do I do? I make a stupid phone call and ask all the questions I know the answers to, just to make myself feel worse. Oh and … Continue reading

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MSR5 video and Installation Shots

For those of you who didn’t get to come to the Minus Sound Research 5 show a couple of months back, here is the video piece i did for it. It was a great show with many great artists, including … Continue reading

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why the fudge is this out of print vol. 1: Drive Like Jehu

It was ’94 or ’95 and my friend Will Maffitt and I were hanging out at his parents’ house after school. I remember he did the whole “dude, have you heard this?” thing and popped this album into the living … Continue reading

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2010’s rejected band names

So this year I found myself busy with several musical endeavors. My main project, Phon, with my bff Dustin was not insanely active since we now live hundreds of miles apart. Just to let you know though Phon still does … Continue reading

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Things You should Not buy Used

This is the first post i’m going to be doing on things you should not buy used. It really should be “things i can’t believe people donated to the thrift store,” but oh well. This is a Sitz bath that … Continue reading

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I made this video using Photo Booth. The audio is a recording of a cigar box cello that I made. The main image is a photo from the Franklin County Nature Preserve.

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i made a snowman!

i made a snowman when i was at my parents house. the sun was out today though, so he melted to death, but he brought joy to all those around him for his brief life.

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dream of lakes

i had a dream once that i was at a beautiful lake. in the dream i had a red canoe, it turned in to a dog and ran away.

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