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this guys knows about girls…and walmart

i mean i would listen to this song without the video. it is one of the most well written pieces of music i have come across in years. the lyrics are especially expressive. the video is just an added bonus.

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this is good music

this music is much better than what you probably listen to. its been a while. hello drew

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two new songs from ms. seafood

here they are. two new joints from raleigh’s mysterious electronic outfit ms. seafood. listen to them. love them. distribute them.

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this is a cool video by hans richter with music from the soft moon

so i recently heard this band The Soft Moon, and they are really good. I just saw this video of an Hans Richter film piece with a song from The Soft Moon accompanying it. it is really cool. enjoy.

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this band is alright, this video effin’ sucks

video: sleigh bells – rill rill (2011), posted with vodpod this band is okay, i mean if you like that sort of thing and all, but this is the laziest video i have ever seen. it was almost like they … Continue reading

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this video rules…you may have seen it

this is badazz. im not sure about the band, Jogger, but they seem interesting. apparently the stud from “Night Court” had a son and he is in this band. The song is called “Nephicide.” which i couldn’t find on … Continue reading

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This is sad.

This is terrible news. Trish Keenan has passed away. The sad irony that a woman with a voice almost always referred to as “haunting,” is no longer with us. The Broadcast has made some amazing records, where the fuzzy beats … Continue reading

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Drew’s Top 10 albums of 2010

10. Woven Hand-The Threshing Floor It had been years since I have heard a new record from this melancholy low voiced christ crooner. This album is unlike anything I have heard him do in years. The addition of multiple instruments, … Continue reading

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2010’s rejected band names

So this year I found myself busy with several musical endeavors. My main project, Phon, with my bff Dustin was not insanely active since we now live hundreds of miles apart. Just to let you know though Phon still does … Continue reading

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when i was a punk rock kid

Subordinate-DFS-1996 by drewrobertson this is from 1996. i was in a band with my best high school friends: grayson mendenhall, nick weller, jon birdwell, stevan beer, and our “roadie” taylor robinson. we used to play a lot of shows in … Continue reading

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