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this band is alright, this video effin’ sucks

video: sleigh bells – rill rill (2011), posted with vodpod this band is okay, i mean if you like that sort of thing and all, but this is the laziest video i have ever seen. it was almost like they … Continue reading

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this sucks, but i like girls in skirts on bike

White People Rapping Poorly.

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PhotoSpeak: i love this app!

i can’t get enough of this app. it makes some really bizarre 3D animations from still photos. You can add audio, and even speed it up or slow it down. i found out about it at ipadcreative the full review … Continue reading

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New Banner for the Hope of Mankind

This is the new t-shirt design for the group American Social Deflection League. The group’s main viewpoint is that any adverse treatment a member receives must be because the offender is ignorant and must hate them. I am the founding … Continue reading

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Educational and Catchy!!

wow this video is informative and the rapping is top-notch!! i just can’t believe that someone paid money to produce this gem. i mean are the gas people really losing that much money from the new fangled electronic cooking ranges? … Continue reading

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Buy me this:

I want this please. you could start a fund in my honor to raise money!!

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Things You should Not buy Used Vol. 2

This is the second post I’m going to be doing on things you should not buy used. It really should be “things i can’t believe people donated to the thrift store,” but oh well. This volume is a picture frame … Continue reading

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this video rules…you may have seen it

this is badazz. im not sure about the band, Jogger, but they seem interesting. apparently the stud from “Night Court” had a son and he is in this band. The song is called “Nephicide.” which i couldn’t find on … Continue reading

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haha children…


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I Love This

I saw this the other day and I love it! It wraps my favorite childhood tv dads with one of my fave all time bands. via

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