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vanna white ain’t got nothin’ on me

awesome photo by Chris Ciccone 2013 this was last weekend at the NCMA’s Art of the Auction 2013. I am the one holding the photograph of an oiled up african american man. i feel like i look very adult here.

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fun with the dark

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do you like my new headshot?

as some of you may know, i am a business owner now. one aspect of acting the part is having a professional looking photograph of yourself. of course when it comes to just about anything in the world it is … Continue reading

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yo this was my first job!

sup cousins. ive been looking at some of my stuff at my folks’ house and finding some gems!! this is my name tag from when i ran the kitchen at Kenny’s Rogers’ Roasters. thats right 16 years old, and a … Continue reading

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you wish your class ring was as cool as mine!

that’s right! if you didn’t graduate then you will wish you had just so you could have a class ring as cool as mine. but anyway ive been looking at my old stuff that lives at my parent’s house and … Continue reading

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two new songs from ms. seafood

here they are. two new joints from raleigh’s mysterious electronic outfit ms. seafood. listen to them. love them. distribute them.

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Buy me this:

I want this please. you could start a fund in my honor to raise money!!

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Things You should Not buy Used Vol. 2

This is the second post I’m going to be doing on things you should not buy used. It really should be “things i can’t believe people donated to the thrift store,” but oh well. This volume is a picture frame … Continue reading

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Yo! My first Skateboard in like Ten Years

Yo. I just went to Endless Grind with my friends Jeff and Nathan. I bought my first skateboard in like ten years. Its a Black Label deck with some awesome art by Chet Childress who is from the NC. Represent. … Continue reading

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i’m an idiot…and i barfed on myself

So today was not the best day. I get bad news so what do I do? I make a stupid phone call and ask all the questions I know the answers to, just to make myself feel worse. Oh and … Continue reading

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