yo this was my first job!

sup cousins. ive been looking at some of my stuff at my folks’ house and finding some gems!! this is my name tag from when i ran the kitchen at Kenny’s Rogers’ Roasters. thats right 16 years old, and a head cook! this job was crazyyyyy! i dont remember who was first but almost all of my friends worked there: Grayson,Nick,Matt C.,Taylor, and maybe Stevan and Jon (i dont remember, we all hung out all the time so of course my memories from that time feature them all). we had crazy bosses, there was Pervert Boss, Speedfreak Boss, and then some Tiny Ginger with a Napoleon Complex-Boss. we served rotisserie chicken and were taught that you could tell a chicken was on the spit properly when you heard its ribs and spine crack! so much weird shit happened at that place. there were things i still laugh about (balls), and things im not proud of(also balls). we even almost had a west side story style knife battle in the parking lot. that is if you traded the dancing with cussing and macho crotch grabbing. it didnt happen though, thank god. there was a fight later but it was just fists and one kick! (Grayson for the win!) it was swell. no lie, my last day of work i got to the restaurant, parked and the entire building had been cleared out! there was no evidence the place had even existed. they didn’t tell anyone the place was going out of business. that day was just an empty building and one of the managers from corporate handing out everyone’s final paycheck. wow. those were different days.

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