why skrillex sux

this is the new video from skrillex. it blows. i mean this skrillex fellow is trash. he is the reason you can find shirts that say “effin dubstep” and “rave” at Hot Topic. he is the reason my 13 year old cousin mentioned how cool music from Bristol UK is. from what i can tell skrillex came up with his name because it is a contraction of skittles and kleenex. how dare he blemish the reputation of two such wonderful products!! anyway this video is trash. it is directed by Tony Truand. i wanna give Tony T the benefit of the doubt though. I imagine Skrillex approached Truand and said something like this, “Yo, you have seen that totally sick viddy Chris Cunningham did for Aphex right? The one with the kids and the monster. Shit was sick! My babysitter let me watch it once cause i showed her where my mom’s stash was.I want to make something kinda like that but I can only pay you $12 to do it. That’s all Atlantic will pay me until my third record sells 1 mil copies.” i am only paraphrasing but im sure the conversation went a lot like that. this is the result.

oh and if you are wondering about the Aphex Twin video here it is

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