Yo! My first Skateboard in like Ten Years

Yo. I just went to Endless Grind with my friends Jeff and Nathan. I bought my first skateboard in like ten years. Its a Black Label deck with some awesome art by Chet Childress who is from the NC. Represent. I’m ready to have some fun! Big ups to Subhan for helping me get what a big boy needs to skate in this day and age. Please wish me luck on not breaking any old man bones. Its cool ’cause now Jeff, Nathan, and I all have new boards and can safely skate together and not feel as intimidated by the teenagers we run into at the park. I hope I can remember how to do it. wer dup

About drewberto

Artist and Comedian (Comartian?)
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1 Response to Yo! My first Skateboard in like Ten Years

  1. jer says:

    theres a bunch of us older dudes that skate marsh creek on sunday mornings, come out and skate with us!!!!


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