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MSR5 video and Installation Shots

For those of you who didn’t get to come to the Minus Sound Research 5 show a couple of months back, here is the video piece i did for it. It was a great show with many great artists, including … Continue reading

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2010’s rejected band names

So this year I found myself busy with several musical endeavors. My main project, Phon, with my bff Dustin was not insanely active since we now live hundreds of miles apart. Just to let you know though Phon still does … Continue reading

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I made this video using Photo Booth. The audio is a recording of a cigar box cello that I made. The main image is a photo from the Franklin County Nature Preserve.

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i made a snowman!

i made a snowman when i was at my parents house. the sun was out today though, so he melted to death, but he brought joy to all those around him for his brief life.

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dream of lakes

i had a dream once that i was at a beautiful lake. in the dream i had a red canoe, it turned in to a dog and ran away.

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when i was a punk rock kid

Subordinate-DFS-1996 by drewrobertson this is from 1996. i was in a band with my best high school friends: grayson mendenhall, nick weller, jon birdwell, stevan beer, and our “roadie” taylor robinson. we used to play a lot of shows in … Continue reading

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This was at a huge Asian Supermarket. They have lots of live fish, but for some reason the catfish get the smallest tank. They all nestle together like stackable tupperware. Slimy tupperware.

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i love keynote.

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My family knows what I need…

Ah the holidays. I woke up this morning and Santa had brought only things that I need. Now this does not mean that I don’t also want these things, but lets just remember how practical St. Nick becomes when you … Continue reading

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Merry Xmas to all my Ninjas!!

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