2010’s rejected band names

So this year I found myself busy with several musical endeavors. My main project, Phon, with my bff Dustin was not insanely active since we now live hundreds of miles apart. Just to let you know though Phon still does and always will exist!! This year I started playing with a couple different groups and a couple other projects. Ms. Seafood, Black Lollipops, Black Guise, and Atorvastatin being the main ones. In this time many band names were born but only a few were used, even though i still will keep them in the back of my mind. Without further ado here is my List of Rejected Band Names 2010 edition.
-Brown Ice
-Fisted Sister
-Trim Deep
-Unicorn Smear
-Max Beave
-U tore Us
-Hammer No More the Fetus
-Hugs from Behind
-Pabst Smear
-Cyclops Worm
-Protein Stains
-Daddy’s Penis
-Aww Jews
-The Snuggle Pals
-Friends with Benefits (Fucking)
-Puffy Nips
-Wet Gas
-Bridgette Honda
-Horse Jerk
-Dolphin Girlfriend
-Mouth Breeder
-Congressional AIDS
-Fairy Dust
-Fat Oprah
-Wangs (Asia)
-Love Crime
-Penguin Magic
-Finger Magic
-Lil’ Timmy/Uncle Bill
-Tears of Joy
-Shit Hair
-Old Dirty Baster
-Cum n’ Bass
-Your Fantasy
-Laretha Peacock
-Brown Magic

Which one is your favorite?

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Artist and Comedian (Comartian?)
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8 Responses to 2010’s rejected band names

  1. Rita Marie says:

    Pabst Smear looks like a win to me.

  2. titty fuck says:

    I still want jerk even though daddy’s penis is my fav.

  3. titty fucker says:

    i don’t remember “shit hair”. cause that totally rules.

  4. titty fucker says:

    i’m sorta liking “dolphin girlfriend”. seeing them written out changes things a bit.

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