why the fudge is this out of print vol. 1: Drive Like Jehu

It was ’94 or ’95 and my friend Will Maffitt and I were hanging out at his parents’ house after school. I remember he did the whole “dude, have you heard this?” thing and popped this album into the living room CD player. I was floored!! FLOORED!! The guitar sound on this album sounded like a million people playing the same thing at once. This album was very important to me and even more important in the larger musical scheme of things that it is criminal that it is out of print. San Diego later emo/hardcore bands owed a lot to the Jehu sound. I mean you can’t guarantee that Heroin, Antioch Arrow, or other bands would not have existed without Drive Like Jehu, but they would have sounded completely different! I loved this band so much that when they broke up I refused to listen to or go see John Reis’ other band Rocket from the Crypt because I blamed them for the break up of Drive Like Jehu. Supporting Rocket from the Crypt would have been like befriending the guy your best bud’s girlfriend cheated on him with and left him for. I have searched iTunes, eMusic, and other legal digital means to try to find this album, but to no avail. This album is also out of print in physical means meaning you can’t find it. At all. This is a crime!!!!!

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