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Big Ups Steve Brady/Comedy Smashatron

  When I first met Steve Brady it was right after one of my stand-up sets. He said “Hi, I’m Steve, you were really funny, but don’t ever wear a denim shirt on stage again.” I look down and notices … Continue reading

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interesting (and short) description on a study about why we laugh

  this article is about a study into the origin of laughter from an evolutionary (or intelligent design) stand. It is only a few paragraphs, so just read it, ya big dummy.

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proof that any idea can be realized no matter how stupid it is

um yeah.

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this guys knows about girls…and walmart

i mean i would listen to this song without the video. it is one of the most well written pieces of music i have come across in years. the lyrics are especially expressive. the video is just an added bonus.

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this is good music

this music is much better than what you probably listen to. its been a while. hello drew

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jus’ a lil sumpin’

ive been really busy lately, and have not posted much for the past week. here is just a lil bit of something funny. I kind of love this. I wasnt a big fan of MADtv but I did like this … Continue reading

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this sucks, but i like girls in skirts on bike

White People Rapping Poorly.

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Things You should Not buy Used

This is the first post i’m going to be doing on things you should not buy used. It really should be “things i can’t believe people donated to the thrift store,” but oh well. This is a Sitz bath that … Continue reading

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Jeff B Wilin’ Out!!!!!!

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best painting i’ve ever seen…

…and I work for an art museum. originally from:

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