Big Ups Steve Brady/Comedy Smashatron


photo by Yvonne McKenna

photo by Yvonne McKenna

When I first met Steve Brady it was right after one of my stand-up sets. He said “Hi, I’m Steve, you were really funny, but don’t ever wear a denim shirt on stage again.” I look down and notices that he is wearing a tshirt printed with photorealistic kittens wearing overalls on it. When a man wearing such a shirt criticized my shirt, something told me that he was on the level, this motherfucker is alright.

Anyway, Steve is also a comic and he is also a prankster. His sets usually take risk, and are never straightforward. His stage presence reeks of sweat, artifice, and hilarious. I think the best term would be antics.

This week the Independent Weekly did an article about Steve’s Comedy Smashatron at Linda’s in Chapel Hill. It is a great read and talk about  his approach and how refreshing it is. It is a comedy open mic, but a lot more than that it is a place for people to experiment. He encourages people to come up with multimedia and atypical approaches to comedy.

If you know me  you know that my current concentration is creating a practice that melds comedy and art. Comedy Smashatron (which full disclosure I have hosted, will host, and am a part of ((it is totally Steve’s baby though))) is the perfect lab for honing this practice.

Check it out!! the next Comedy Smashatron is at Linda’s in Chapel Hill on Monday Sep 15, its free too yo!!

PS. I did the intro/theme song:


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