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Jeff B Wilin’ Out!!!!!!

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best painting i’ve ever seen…

…and I work for an art museum. originally from:

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when i was a punk rock kid

Subordinate-DFS-1996 by drewrobertson this is from 1996. i was in a band with my best high school friends: grayson mendenhall, nick weller, jon birdwell, stevan beer, and our “roadie” taylor robinson. we used to play a lot of shows in … Continue reading

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First Poll: Deep Voices

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This was at a huge Asian Supermarket. They have lots of live fish, but for some reason the catfish get the smallest tank. They all nestle together like stackable tupperware. Slimy tupperware.

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i love keynote.

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My family knows what I need…

Ah the holidays. I woke up this morning and Santa had brought only things that I need. Now this does not mean that I don’t also want these things, but lets just remember how practical St. Nick becomes when you … Continue reading

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What the Fork is This?

I’m not a board licensed cryptozoologist but this is crazy!! I mean if the story made it to the news then there is no way that it could be a hoax. Other than being creepy, it is kind of sad. … Continue reading

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Asians Chicks know how to Kick Out Jams

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Best Christmas Song Everrrr!

I love it!!!

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