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I made this video using Photo Booth. The audio is a recording of a cigar box cello that I made. The main image is a photo from the Franklin County Nature Preserve.

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i made a snowman!

i made a snowman when i was at my parents house. the sun was out today though, so he melted to death, but he brought joy to all those around him for his brief life.

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dream of lakes

i had a dream once that i was at a beautiful lake. in the dream i had a red canoe, it turned in to a dog and ran away.

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Jeff B Wilin’ Out!!!!!!

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best painting i’ve ever seen…

…and I work for an art museum. originally from:

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when i was a punk rock kid

Subordinate-DFS-1996 by drewrobertson this is from 1996. i was in a band with my best high school friends: grayson mendenhall, nick weller, jon birdwell, stevan beer, and our “roadie” taylor robinson. we used to play a lot of shows in … Continue reading

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First Poll: Deep Voices

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