Things You should Not buy Used Vol. 2

This is the second post I’m going to be doing on things you should not buy used. It really should be “things i can’t believe people donated to the thrift store,” but oh well. This volume is a picture frame with a picture of someone’s child in it. There are many things that are troubling about this photo. The first is obvious. There is a picture of someone’s kid in the frame. An unwanted picture of a kid? Does that happen? When you look closer though you see that it is one of those book style picture frames that holds two pics with a hinge in the middle. There is only the one picture. Where is the other photo?! Why leave one it and take out the other?! Did someone not want to be seen with this child?! One other aspect is what I think is the most disturbing part. I can’t tell if this kid is just a little off looking in those glasses or if they are disabled. Either way something is not right with this girl. I have a scenario in my head about this girl being born with a developmental disability and that her parents were cruel enough to ship her to some institution somewhere, and never acknowledge her existence. Is this photo the only evidence of her life? Did her sibling find this in the attic and their parents lie and say it was a neighbors kid, then afterward take this photo along with all other evidence to the Goodwill in Asheboro where I found it? Or did I just drink too much coffee this morning?

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3 Responses to Things You should Not buy Used Vol. 2

  1. Julia says:

    Ah! I once bought some frames at American Way in Raleigh that had all of these pictures of what looked like the first time Grandma got to hold her Grandbaby. I felt awful about it. Did Grandma die and her stuff just got taken straight to the thrift store? Is there now bad blood between grandma and the baby/its parents? Worse yet, was grandma arrested and her property was seized, auctioned off, and nobody wanted these pictures so they got taken to the thrift store? Jesus. Anyway, I made art with the pictures. I was doing an interpretive portrait series at the time, and this abandoned photograph phenomenon was a neat part of it. Enjoyed the post, Drew! Hope you are doing great.

  2. Graham says:

    Even worse, Drew, would be if there was another child in the family that used to be in the other side of this frame. Then they’ve kept their favorite child’s photo and abandoned our little weird/disabled curtsying girl.

  3. titty fuck says:

    i wouldn’t want the photo of the retard either.

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