the 3TrinsRGB+1c (omg buy me one now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone)



This badboy right here is the 3TrinsRGB+1 c. It’s a brand new synth from Dutch artist Gieskes. If you are unfamiliar Gieskes makes amazing noise makers and synthesizers that create crazy sounds and many even create psychedelic RGB visuals. Being in the Netherlands it is hard to find his small batch devices easily in the States, but luckily the awesome Bleep Labs have a partnership with Gieskes and sells his wonderful machines here in the US of A. I want a 3TrinsRGB+1 c soo friggin’ bad! It is an all analog path, video and audio synthesizer. Unike his other video synths this one has a video in so you can add your own footage and manipulate it. Just look at these features:

– Analog video and audio synthesizer.
– Composite video input.
– CV inputs for each RGB channel that can be used with audio and modular level signals.
– Audio output of internal oscillators and CV signals.
– Patchbay allows you design complex interactions between the oscillators, RGB channels and i/o. It also make it easy to prototype your own tiny circuit “plugins” (more into on this soon).
– Power supply and patch cables for header included
– Analog composite video input and output are compatible with NTSC and PAL.

Check out this video and see how rad this thing is, then go buy two from Bleep Labs who is right now running a pre-order sale! Just don’t forget to send me one of them.


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