my top 15 tracks from 2013

so my attention span is dwindling. i have little to no desire to own any physical media anymore but i still like music. this has led to me mainly only listening to things on a song by song basis, or the first third of an album. therefore i do not have a top album list but rather the songs i enjoyed the most this year. in alphabetical order:

Beacon-Bring You Back  bass music and dreamy electronics and tender vocals. its not the toughest shit out there but rather truly gorgeous

Boards of Canada- Reach for the Dead waited too long for this to come out. amazing. really hoped they would be playing one of the mountain fests this year.

The Bug- Kill Them Kevin Martin makes me feel so tuff as his The Bug incarnation

Chance the Rapper- Acid Rain layers of beautiful sounds paired up with one of the most imaginative rappers around.  check it out! i apologize its not on spotify.

Chelsea Wolfe- The Warden steamy sexy synthy goth business

Daft Punk- Get Lucky if you dont think this is catchy then you should pull the stick made from jade out of your ass. it even made me dance.

Dan Friel- Ulysses my homeboy Dustin turned me on to this solo album from parts and labor’s frontman. perfect mix of noise and beats

Danny Brown- The Return loved this guy since i saw him at CAM a couple of hopscotches ago. really nice bassline kicks in around 20 secs.

Haxan Cloak-Excavation Pt. 1 & 2 yeah i liked it too

Holden-Rannoch Dawn wonderful electronic music that is quite kraut-y

Jeffrey Jerusalem- If Not Me, Someone Else not from 2013 but 2011 however after hearing about him from DJ Douggpound and the Poundcast, i listened to this a million times

The Juan Maclean- You Are My Destiny fun, steady, housey rhythms, this song was my gal and i’s song of the year.

Pusha T- Sweet Serenade soulful, wonderfully produce hip hop. this was a hit, featuring Chris Brown, ahem. anyway its a killer song

Shit Robot- We Got a Love (featuring Reggie Watts) DFA + Reggie Watts = beautifully weird dance music

Xander Harris- Red Sky Sprawl i am obsessed with this guy. anything he makes is the perfect combo of synthy dance music and giallo flashbacks. wait for it to kick in (your face)






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