the neti pot has been revised for the 21st century!!!

hail the robotic overlord!

so if you have a history of sinus issues, shop in “health food” markets, or have ever seen a sneezer consoled by anyone in yoga pants, you have probably heard rave reviews and recommendations for a neti pot. to give you an idea how old the neti pot is, neti is sanskrit for “nasal irrigation.” for those who don’t use them, they are simply a pot that you put a little salt in and then use to flush your nose holes/sinuses. the liquid of course goes into one nostril and then magically comes out the other. there are many youtube videos of this if you are curious.

anyway, finally, it has been revised. welcome to neti2.0 it has only taken several hundred years for this design to be improved. all hail the SINUGATOR!!! I  am getting over  a head cold and saw this at the store. I have been neti’ing for many years and love it but it is messy and time consuming. the sinugator has a battery powered pump!!! you can hold your head almost completely upright and still use it, and the power of the pump is surprisingly powerful. it effing works! come on people buy one. if you feel stuffy, congested, stopped up, etc. give this thing a try!

it is so easy an 8 year old can use it! warning graphic snot ejection ahead:

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2 Responses to the neti pot has been revised for the 21st century!!!

  1. megan sullivan says:


  2. smitty63 says:

    I use the manual version, which is a squeeze bottle, rather than the gravity version of the old-school neti pot. Fantastic feeling, use it at least twice a day.

    Since I use it daily, I elected not to view the video above. I see enough of my own. And, @Megan, “ew” is right, but I feel better with that stuff out of my nasal passages, rather than slowly flowing down the back of my throat.

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