i hung this…UPDATED*

*UPDATE!!! The Taste of the World event is on the verge of selling out, so if you are interested buy tix now!!

First if you are my friend, please start by going here and “liking” this page I made for the organization my dad has been working very hard on, then continue reading.

While I was home in Charlotte recovering, I was working with an organization my dad is part of. The organization is called EAST, and focuses on bringing business to Charlotte’s East Side, where I grew up. One great aspect of the area is the amount of wonderful restaurants. My weeks in Charlotte consisted of eating traditional foods from Serbia, Pakistan, Vietnam, El Salvador, Somalia, and others. Who knew I would have a favorite Serbian dish?

EAST hosts an annual event that showcases the diverse cuisines called Taste of the World. It happens this year on October 6th, and if you are in Charlotte you should get tickets. 30 bucks and you get food from several great restaurants and wine and a reception and an overall great evening. I will be there!

Anyway this year saw their first Art Contest. I was part of the voting process. We chose five finalists and their works are in an exhibition which I installed at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center. It is at 600 E. Trade St., uptown in Charlotte. Please go by and check it out. One of the five finalists will be chosen as the winner of the contest and they will win five benjamins, which they will be rewarded at the Taste of the World Festivities.

So please if you can, check it all out.

Here is the Facebook page.
This is the website you can visit for info and to buy tix!!

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