things that im doing because im bored

so as many friends know i broke my ankle this past weekend. i am in charlotte with my parents because they wanted to take care of me and mainly because they dont have two flights of stairs to enter their house like i do in raleigh. anyway im sure it is no shock that I am bored. i am going to start keeping track of some of the things i do to kill my boredom. so here we go: i just made a spreadsheet!!!! It lists all of the ON DEMAND (from here on abbreviated as OD) channels, on my parents cable. isnt that exciting? i have been watching a lot of Showtime OD (762). i am already caught up on the past two seasons of Weeds, and all of the last season of Dexter. thanks to Nature & Knowledge OD (425) ive been getting my Pawn Stars fix, and with Entertainment OD (340) i discovered Wilfred is actually pretty funny. my only gripe?! where the hell is Boardwalk Empire? YOU ARE LETTING ME DOWN HBO OD (760)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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