i broke my ankle, it blows

okay so this weekend was pretty intense. nathan and jeff and I went skating. i used to skate all time, now im completely out of practice. Before we hit the half-pipe we went to Vertical Urge and bougth every pad we deemed necessary: helmet, elbow pads, kneed pads, even wrist guards. well anyway none of us are experts on dropping in on the half-pipe so we’re egging each other on about who would do it first. eventually someone had to try it. i made three attempts. the first one i didnt lean forward at all and as a result fell back. the second time I was almost there. then the third attempt. on this try i dropped in and chickenfooted. i tried to catch myself but i tripped over my own ankle. anyway i dislocated my foot and broke some ankle bones. it blew. jeff and nathan took me to the emergency room. they hung out there for a few hours and then my girlfriend and parents came to take care of me. the next day my parents came and they brought me back to Charlotte. Being back in Charlotte is weird. anyway, the pics above are of the two titanium plates and screws they used to restructure my ankle. its weird i have a cast, im using crutches (which sucks), and i dont know if you can tell by my writing but they also gave me some pretty strong painkillers.

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